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European Election Betting for South (5 seats)

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European elections in the South constituency, there are five seats available in the European Parliament. Below are the candidates, along with their betting odds and some information about each of them:

First prices -23rd April –

Updates prices 6th May


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1. **Sean Kelly (Fine Gael)** – was 1/25 now 1/10

Sean Kelly is a well-known Fine Gael MEP and former president of the GAA. He has been serving as an MEP since 2009 and is a strong favorite to retain his seat with odds of 1/25. His focus areas include digital policy and innovation.

2. **Billy Kelleher (Fianna Fáil)** – was 1/10 now 1/8

Billy Kelleher is a Fianna Fáil MEP and has been serving in the European Parliament since 2019. His areas of interest include healthcare and economic policy. His odds suggest he is highly likely to retain his seat.

3. **Paul Gavan (Sinn Féin)** – was 4/7 now 4/6

Paul Gavan is a Sinn Féin MEP who has been serving since 2019. He focuses on workers’ rights, social justice, and international solidarity. His odds suggest he has a strong chance of retaining his seat.

4. **Mick Wallace (Inds 4 Change)** – was 4/7 now 5/4

Mick Wallace is an independent MEP representing the Independents 4 Change group. He is known for his outspokenness on issues such as corruption and human rights. His odds are similar to Paul Gavan’s, indicating he is likely to win a seat.

5. **Kathleen Funchion (Sinn Féin)** – was 4/7 now 2/5

Kathleen Funchion is a Sinn Féin TD who has focused on issues such as family and children’s affairs. Her odds suggest she has a strong chance of winning a seat.

6. **Michael McNamara (Independent)** – was 4/5 now 2/5

Michael McNamara is an independent TD known for his work on agricultural issues and rural development. He has a very strong social media presence and asks a lot of tough questions. His odds suggest he is in a good position to secure a seat.

7. **Grace O’Sullivan (Green Party)** – was 11/8 now 6/4

Grace O’Sullivan is a Green Party MEP known for her work on environmental and climate change issues. She is an incumbent, having served since 2019. Her odds suggest she has a chance of retaining her seat, but it could be competitive.

8. **Cynthia Ní Mhurchú (Fianna Fáil)** – was 2/1 now 11/4

Cynthia Ní Mhurchú is a Fianna Fáil candidate with experience in broadcasting and communication. Her odds indicate she may have a challenging race to win a seat.

9. **John Mullins (Fine Gael)** – was 3/1 now 9/4

John Mullins is a Fine Gael candidate and a former CEO of a large energy company. His odds suggest he may face challenges in securing a seat.

10. **Eddie Punch (Independent)** – was 3/1 now 4/1

Eddie Punch is an independent candidate with a focus on agricultural issues. His odds suggest he may have a competitive race.

11. **Derek Blighe (Ireland First)** – was 9/2 now 9/1

Derek Blighe is a candidate from the Ireland First party, which focuses on nationalism and sovereignty issues. His odds are relatively long, indicating he may face challenges in winning a seat.

12. **Patrick Murphy (Aontú)** – was 11/2 now 7/1

Patrick Murphy is a candidate from Aontú, a political party focused on social and economic issues from a nationalist perspective. His odds suggest he faces a challenging race.

13. **Michael Leahy (Irish Freedom)** – was 10/1 now 11/1

Michael Leahy represents the Irish Freedom party, focusing on sovereignty and nationalism. His long odds suggest he is not expected to win a seat.

14. **Susan Doyle (Social Democrats)** – was14/1 now 18/1

Susan Doyle is a Social Democrats candidate who has a focus on social justice issues. Her odds suggest she may struggle to win a seat.

15. **Niamh Hourigan (Labour Party)** – was 16/1 now 20/1

Niamh Hourigan is a Labour Party candidate and an academic known for her work on education and social issues. Her odds suggest she is unlikely to win a seat.

16. **Cian Prendville (PBP-Solidarity)** – **66/1**

Cian Prendville is a candidate from the People Before Profit–Solidarity group. His long odds suggest he is highly unlikely to win a seat.

But 17. **Lorna Bogue (An Rabharta Glas)**

Lorna Bogue is a candidate from An Rabharta Glas, an Irish eco-socialist party. At 100/1 she may face a competitive race depending on her campaign strategy.

Overall, the betting odds suggest that Sean Kelly, Billy Kelleher, Paul Gavan, Mick Wallace, and Kathleen Funchion are the most likely candidates to secure the available seats in the South constituency. Grace O’Sullivan also has a strong chance, but she may face competition from other candidates.

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