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Voting in Irish Farmers Association Presidential Elections Continues

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A significant milestone is approaching as nearly one-third of IFA branch Annual General Meetings (AGMs) will conclude this week. During these AGMs, members have the opportunity to vote for the next President and Deputy President of IFA. Over the course of November, a total of 940 AGMs are scheduled.

Members participating in the election can choose to cast their votes at the branch meeting using the provided return envelope or opt for postal voting. Voting packs, which include ballots for both President and Deputy President along with a return envelope, were dispatched two weeks ago and have been distributed in three batches. The final batch is set to be issued next week.

IFA Returning Officer Brian Rushe emphasizes the importance of attending local AGMs and bringing completed ballot papers in the provided return envelope. While postal voting is an option, Rushe encourages members to actively participate in their local AGM to voice their concerns on relevant issues. Members who have not received their ballot packs for AGMs taking place in the next week are advised to contact their local IFA office promptly.

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