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Video – Regina Doherty selected to run as the Fine Gael candidate in Dublin for EU elections

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Senator Regina Doherty has been chosen by Dublin’s Fine Gael members to represent the party in the upcoming European Elections in June.

The selection event, held at Dublin City University’s St Patrick’s Campus and attended by over 600 people, saw Minister Josepha Madigan and Senators Regina Doherty and Barry Ward vying for the nomination.

Senator Regina Doherty expressed her gratitude, saying: “I’m thrilled to have been chosen as the Fine Gael candidate for the Dublin constituency. It’s a privilege to be entrusted by my party members to uphold Fine Gael’s presence and aim to secure a seat in the constituency during the June European elections. I am committed to maintaining the MEP seat secured by Frances Fitzgerald in the 2019 European Elections. Frances has consistently showcased her significant impact in the European Parliament, and I aim to build upon her legacy. The decisions made in Brussels and Strasbourg have a profound impact on the lives of Dubliners.

Fine Gael, with its strong pro-European stance and commendable track record, faces numerous challenges due to global events. I am determined to ensure that Dublin’s voice—representing the capital of a resilient nation—is amplified within the European Parliament and to continue the commendable efforts of all Fine Gael MEPs. My immediate focus is on vigorous campaigning to secure a Fine Gael seat in the Dublin constituency.”

Minister Simon Coveney, Fine Gael’s European Director of Elections and the chair of the convention, emphasized the importance of Fine Gael’s MEPs over the past five years in safeguarding national interests during Brexit and the Covid pandemic, as well as advocating for just causes on the global stage, such as their stance on Russia’s war in Ukraine. He expressed his delight in Senator Regina Doherty’s candidacy, highlighting her integrity and competence, and urged for unified support from the team and voters to send her to Brussels.

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