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Sinn Féin support lowest since April 2021.

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Latest Poll Results Show Shifts in Irish Political Landscape Ahead of December

The most recent polling data for Dáil Éireann reveals intriguing shifts in Ireland’s political scene as the country moves into December. Sinn Féin maintains a strong position with 28%, marking a slight decrease of 3% from previous figures. Meanwhile, Fine Gael holds steady at 21%, while Fianna Fáil sees a modest uptick, climbing to 19%, a 1% increase.

The Social Democrats remain at 5%, alongside People Before Profit-Solidarity at 4%, and the Labour Party at 4%, indicating stability within these political factions. However, the Green Party experiences a minor decline to 3%, marking a 1% decrease. Aontú maintains its position at 3%.

One of the most notable observations lies in the independent candidates and other parties’ collective increase, rising by 3% to reach a total of 14%. This surge signifies a potential diversification or fragmentation of voter preferences, reflecting a broader spectrum of political ideologies gaining traction among the populace.

As the nation enters the festive month of December, these shifting percentages indicate a dynamic and evolving political landscape in Ireland. The upcoming period may witness further developments, reshaping the political narrative in the country.

Dáil Éireann

SF: 28% (-3)
FG: 21% (nc)
FF: 19% (+1)
SD: 5% (nc)
PBP-S: 4% (nc)
LP: 4% (+1)
GP: 3% (-1)
AÚ: 3% (nc)
INDs & Others: 14% (+3)

Nollaig/December 2023
+/- Samhain/November 2023

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