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Sinn Féin Support Declines in Jan 2024 Opinion Poll

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Sinn Féin Support Declines in Latest Opinion Poll

The latest opinion poll reveals a decline in support for Sinn Féin, with the party experiencing a four-point drop in just two months. According to the Business Post Red C survey, Sinn Féin now stands at 25%, down from 29% in November. This downward trend follows a previous dip from 32% in October.

Government Parties Maintain Positions

Despite Sinn Féin’s decline, government parties like Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil maintain their positions, with Fine Gael holding steady at 20% and Fianna Fáil seeing a one-point increase to 17%.

Surge for Independent TDs

Independent TDs experienced the largest surge, rising by two points to 15%, indicating a shift in voter preferences towards non-affiliated candidates.

Stability Among Smaller Parties

The Social Democrats retain their lead among smaller parties, maintaining a stable 6% support. The Greens, Labour, and People Before Profit-Solidarity remain unchanged at 4%, 4%, and 3% respectively. Aontú witnessed a modest increase of one point, reaching 3% support.

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