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Political Upheaval in 2024: Elections Around the Corner

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Political Upheaval in 2024: Elections Around the Corner

In 2024, brace for significant political shifts with impending elections across various domains. These include local and European elections, the US presidential election, as well as anticipated general elections in Ireland and the UK.

European Elections: Key Insights

Scheduled from June 6th to 9th, 2024, the local and European Parliament elections hold substantial importance. Ireland gained an additional MEP, increasing its count to 14. Notably, several incumbent Irish MEPs, such as Fitzgerald, McGuinness, and Clune, won’t contest the next election, signaling potential shifts in representation.

Influential Factors and Parties

Sinn Féin aims to secure more seats, leveraging the European elections as a gauge of domestic popularity. However, figures like Daly and Wallace face declining favor due to divergent stances on global affairs.

Local Elections: Indicators for General Elections

These regional polls, with Fianna Fáil securing 279 seats in 2019, might predict the upcoming general election trends. Expect possible reversals in the positions of major parties.

General Election Anticipation

Speculations point to a potential November 2024 general election, driving strategic positioning. Parties, like Fine Gael, will likely maintain a critical stance against Sinn Féin. Fianna Fáil faces dilemmas, contemplating collaboration with Sinn Féin if electoral outcomes are adverse.

Potential Government Formations

Sinn Féin advocates for change but might face challenges forming a majority government, potentially necessitating alliances with smaller left-wing parties. However, collaborations, especially with Fianna Fáil, might raise questions about their proclaimed platform of change.

Green Party’s Uphill Battle

The Green Party’s prospects might struggle, considering their reliance on the unlikely continuity of the status quo.

These imminent elections pave the way for substantial political rearrangements, impacting both national and European landscapes.

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